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About Us

Hello and Welcome to Knotty Rugs! 

Happiness begins in the home—so let’s make it a truly special place you’ll feel proud to call home!

When I first decorated my sons’ bedroom, I thought I had done a pretty good job: it was functional, simple, and clean. But the boys never seemed to want to stay there for too long. I couldn’t figure it out. Then one day I added a wool children’s rug that immediately captivated their interest and made their bedroom feel like a fun place to be.

Our homes are a place that reflects our personality and values: the right space can fuel our creativity, help us find our calm, and provide a happy backdrop where we can build great memories with family and friends.

Then it hit me: how many of us are living in a space that for all intents and purposes seems practical and nice enough—but is missing that je-ne-sas-quoi to truly inspires us?

That was the spark that ignited Knotty Rugs. 

Our mission is to help you beautify your home, one room at a time, one rug at a time. 

As for me…when my family’s needs made full-time teaching impossible, we needed to find a solution that would combine my passion for art, history, design, all things beautiful, and my desire to help people live to their fullest potential. Hence Knotty Rugs, which my team and I run with pride and joy!

Let’s make home the happiest place to be! 

Cynthia Ferreira